Category 2

A Culinary Adventure

Exploring a new ethnic cuisine can be intimidating to the inexperienced. Trying an unfamiliar style of food is better when accompanied by someone with a little bit of knowledge. Frequently, when experiencing a new ethnic restaurant, it's nice try an assortment of appetizers for a good sampling.

At the Hudson Curry House, you could start with an Assorted Indian Hors D'oeuvres basket, but be advised that each order contains only one of each appetizer. It comes with one meat samosa, a chicken pakora, a bhujia, a medley of veggie pakora and one papadam. Pakora are battered and deep-fried morsels, generally a vegetable. The jewel in the basket is the bhujia. Shredded onions, heavily battered and fried, shimmer red-orange.